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The 2016-17 school year will be a milestone for students of all ages, but it is an especially significant year for those high school students who will be taking the ACT college admission test for the first time. If your child is planning to take the ACT this year, now is the time for them to prepare. Similarly, when working [...]

Welcome Back from Raise the Grade Tutoring!

The beginning of another school year is always an exciting time. Friends reunite, fall is in the air, and the homework begins.   Since 2007, we’ve noticed a common theme here at Raise the Grade Tutoring. Thinking summer will last forever, and the start of the new semester is always smooth sailing, students fail to anticipate their workload increasing exponentially. [...]

Summer Tutoring

This summer will be a well-deserved break from busy class schedules, but learning should be a year round endeavor. The summer months are the perfect time for students to work with a Raise the Grade tutor and catch up on subject areas where they may be lacking including math, reading and writing skills, ACT prep, and more... On the other [...]

The Value of an Education Mentor

Everyone remembers his or her favorite teacher. It probably didn’t matter what subject they taught, but rather how that teacher inspired you to learn. You could say that favorite teacher was an education mentor and was an important part of your learning experience. Regardless of age or aptitude, any student can benefit from having an education mentor who can assist [...]

Think Positive!

Teaching your child to look on the bright side despite the odds can have enormous benefits on their academic and life successes. Positive people will anticipate happiness and envision themselves overcoming any difficulty. For example, if a positive thinking student is swamped with two upcoming exams, an essay, and endless nightly homework, they will understand the task ahead of them [...]

Starting the School Year Strong

While your children may still be in summer mode at this time of transition, it’s important to encourage them to start the new school year with their best foot forward. Here are three easy tips to help your student start this academic year strong. 1) Stay organized. Being organized is fundamental to academic achievement. Organizing paperwork and folders for each [...]

Learning Through Gardening

Although the growing season is officially underway here in Madison, Wisconsin, there's still time to start a small gardening project with your child this summer. Not only is gardening a great tool to teach your kids about the benefits of proper planning and organization, it also provides them with an opportunity to learn a science lesson or two outside of the classroom. Concepts such as photosynthesis, climate zones, [...]

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