Establishing a Study Space

//Establishing a Study Space

private tutoring study spaceA healthy practice for students to adopt as the school year begins is to establish a routine study space. Encouraging your child to switch back into academic mode when they’re home from school can be difficult, but having their own work space helps students to focus quicker when sitting down and study more efficiently. If, like many families, you have a busy home that can be a distracting learning environment, looking for a quiet spot in your community is an effective alternative. When tutoring in Madison, students and Raise the Grade tutors often meet 1-on-1 at one of the many public libraries like the Sequoya branch or the Memorial library on UW-Madison’s campus. When tutoring in Middleton, the Middleton Public library or one of the local coffee shops are great choices. If meeting outside of your home is difficult or your community has fewer public places, in-home tutoring is always an option. Regardless of location, it is important to remember that your child’s study space should be free of distraction and conducive to critical thinking so they can enjoy and take ownership in their learning.