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We believe in the learning potential of every student. We know that when students truly understand what they are taught in the classroom they feel more confident, which allows them to enjoy learning and achieve their academic goals. But for many, classroom time isn’t enough.

Our experienced tutors work one-on-one with each student to strengthen weak areas and reinforce natural aptitudes. In each session, Raise The Grade tutors use their expertise and experience to address the current curriculum needs of the student, a strategy that accelerates progress in school.

By focusing on the process of learning, private tutoring builds a student’s understanding of valuable problem-solving strategies. The resulting academic achievement, self-confidence, and positive attitude toward learning provide a child with the foundation to thrive in the classroom and beyond.


I could not be more happy with Alex and Tim’s progress. Although no 14 year old wants to study in the summer, Tim gives me very little sass when told to do his homework or when it is time to go to see Alex. Alex seems happy with what Tim is doing and I believe that Alex is working to prep Tim for good class participation and reading comprehension when he starts school in September. We have decided to send Tim to Shattuck St. Mary’s in Minnesota so we expect that the class work will be rigorous. We are SO glad that Alex was assigned to us and I hope that they can continue to communicated while Tim is away at school! GREAT guy! Great educator and I highly recommend him and your service! THANK YOU so much.

Mary B. – Mother of 8th Grader
Middleton, WI

We just can’t say enough positive things about Tara. Nicholas enjoyed her and found her explanation of concepts easy to understand. He ended up with a B, but missed an A- by a hair. Considering the fact that he started with a D- we were thrilled with the B. She was always reliable and made herself available when needed. I also want to thank you for responding so quickly when we lost our former tutor, Helen, and getting Nicholas a replacement that night. It really made us feel like you cared and were very professional.

Martha P. – Mother of a 10th grader
Madison, WI

Thanks so much! Joe got a grade of “3” on his AP European History Exam which he was very happy with. Grant really helped him prepare well for the essay portion of the test. Joe also felt he took a big jump with his reading comprehension skills after working with Meg. I’m confident that this year will go much better than last year. Thanks for giving us 2 great matches:)

Vicki R. – Mother of a 12th grader
Sauk City, WI

Tim was off the chart. Cam was so excited about his session with him that he talked about it the whole ride home, with a passion for learning that we haven’t seen in a long time. He learned so much from Tim and then in turn taught me a few things! He learned things he hand’t learned in class that really helped him prepare his lab. He said that everything made sense and was so clear. He received a 92% on that assignment! Connor is continuing to have incredible success with Kathie. He received a 97% on the last test.

Kathy D. – Mother of 9th and 12th grade sons
Madison, WI

Great news – our son received a 24 on his June ACT! We are all really pleased. You can add his 7 point improvement to your list of successes! Thank you for your assistance and encouragement.

Julia S.
Madison, WI

Thanks so much for helping me find Sarah a tutor so quickly, and for making the whole process of finding help for Sarah so painless, and most of all for having the “perfect fit” tutor in Kelsey B! I plan to use your services again. If we had started the 1-2 day/week plan for tutoring right away, I know we’d avoid the “meltdown” Sarah had this year.

Maria M. – Mother of a 10th grader
Madison, WI

James is really starting to “grasp concepts” now! His words after his last tutoring session with Casey – thanks again for finding the right tutor for him! This is a child who was vehemently opposed to any help just last year!

Kim P. – Mother of an 11th grader
Cross Plains, WI

The best money we spend. We see huge rewards weekly. Kelsey and Hannah are wonderful. Jacques and Davis continue to have amazing growth.

Karen C. – Mother of a 6th and 9th grader
Madison, WI

Our tutor was fantastic. She showed up on time each Monday and Friday morning and was very patient with our kids. To be honest, the progress was significant. I certainly didn’t expect our 4 ½ year-old to become so advanced with the sight words and to start reading on her own. What was perhaps most exciting was seeing our kids reading on their own. Their math skills also improved quite a bit. I will be continuing with Raise the Grade next summer.

Rebecca S. – Mother of 4K and 1st Grader
Madison, WI

Raise The Grade Tutoring Service was a ‘find,’ Our son had struggled in Algebra 2 throughout the first semester and into the second so I contacted Cherie. She came out to our house to meet our son and was intent on finding him the appropriate assistance. The tutor she matched with my son’s needs was great. My son just took his algebra 2 final and scored a 90%.

Kathleen H. – Mother of an 11th grader
Middleton, WI

Veronica is a wonderful girl. I wish I was so together at her age. She couldn’t be better for Tony. He is REALLY improving in the subjects Math (in math quizzes he was getting 6/12 right, now it’s 12/12) and English (is coming along but he’s not getting much homework now). Tony likes her very much and says “the work is not that bad.” I know he feels better about school and he is getting confidence back. Wow! I can’t thank you enough!! We definitely wish to continue through high school. It’s really a godsend to work with your program. Many thanks!

Lisa L. – Mother of a 9th grader
Middleton, WI

Sam has been incredible. She is doing a fantastic job with the kids and is creative, prepared and positive. Although my boys do not want to be tutored, she makes the most of each session and keeps them engaged. I could not be happier. Thank you.

Marsha S. – Mother of 7th and 9th grade boys
Madison, WI

Claire LOVED Maria. She began something new today in Chemistry and was completely lost. She said Maria explained it to her and it is so simple to her now. Maria skyrocketed in Claire’s opinion and admiration! THANK YOU!!

Maureen – Mother of an 11th grader
Middleton, WI

Thank you! Melissa was so good with Joseph! Joseph truly did improve with the help of Melissa. He was an ‘F’ student on his report card when we started – he graduated to a D and then a C- (which is huge for him!). So thank you.

Maureen E. – Mother of an 8th grader
Verona, WI

Sydney says Carey is the BEST tutor she has ever had… a perfect match!

Lisa L. – Mother of an 11th grader
Middleton, WI

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