Experienced Tutors, Successful Results

Our tutors are, first and foremost, experienced and well-qualified subject matter experts. They are current and retired certified teachers, university graduate students or honors college students with at least two years of teaching or tutoring experience. They’re professional, dedicated instructors who get results and prioritize academic achievement, as well as improve a student’s overall attitude toward school, their organizational skills, and confidence.

The Student-Tutor Match

Students and tutors are matched based on subject needed, learning style, and personality. We understand that every student learns differently, and Raise The Grade tutors focus on what motivates each child.

When making a match, we put a student’s needs first and place our utmost attention on finding the best tutor for the situation. Before the first tutoring session, we will tell you about your tutor’s credentials and experience. If after the first session, however, you feel that this match is not effective, you will not be charged, and we will gladly provide you with another tutor.

We carefully consider many factors in choosing the right tutor for your child. Not only do we interview every tutor, we check references and conduct background checks to ensure we partner with the highest quality professionals.

Let us help you find the perfect tutor for your child.

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