Starting a Successful School Year

//Starting a Successful School Year

Believe it or not, school is back in session and that means it’s time to set your students up for success. The first week of school has a huge impact on the year – new teachers are met, and new expectations are set. Prioritizing and planning a school year strategy can help your child get ahead right off the bat. Below are a few tips from our tutors about their best practices for starting the school year strong.


Tips From Our Tutors


  1. Make Use Of A Planner. It can be hard to keep everything in order once the school year kicks back into gear, especially for high school students. Help them to prioritize schoolwork amongst all of their extra circulars and social events right from the start so they understand how to balance everything from the beginning.


  1. Prioritize Preparation. The grading comes at the end of an assignment, project or class, but the preparation throughout is what earns that grade. Make sure your student understands the importance of preparation in the classroom and the positive effects it can bring. Procrastination can be a tough habit to break once it begins, so lead by example and meet deadlines head-on.


  1. Ask For Help Before It’s Needed. It can be challenging to jump back into school after the long summer break, so getting help right away can do wonders for any student. Take some extra time to meet with a teacher, set up a student study group, or schedule a consultation with a Raise The Grade Tutor to pick up where school left off and dive back in confidently.


  1. Daily Reflection. Checking in on progress should be done on a consistent basis, and more often than many of us make time for. Start strong this year by checking in with your child daily to see how he or she is progressing or in what areas he or she might be struggling. Ask your student to think about what he or she enjoys most and begin a dialogue about your child’s goals for every subject from day one.


  1. Balance Work With Play. Doing well in school can be improved when students see success and experience rewards. Make sure they don’t work 24/7 on essays, test prep, or homework. It’s important to have a balance between schoolwork and the fun things they enjoy outside of the classroom. Encourage involvement in a sport or musical group, a regular volunteer group, or even just good old-fashioned get-togethers with friends.


  1. Don’t Forget Sleep! This is a commonly forgotten tip, but an important one. Focusing in school can be difficult for many students, especially when they aren’t getting enough sleep. Institute a no-screen time 30 minutes before bed so your child can relax and prepare for a restful night of sleep.


We hope these tips were useful and help prepare your family for starting a successful school year!