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Is Summer Tutoring Right For Your Child?

We’ve been conditioned in Wisconsin to believe that winter is always around the corner, but we can now safely say it - summer is here. Whether your kids are already out of school or finishing up their final exams and end of the year school projects, there’s no denying that everyone will be in vacation mode in just a couple of [...]


The Cycle of Achievement

We all know the feeling of needing to do something, yet not having the slightest clue how to do it. Sometimes we get overwhelmed even searching for the means to begin a task at hand. This discourages us, and we resort to procrastination.   Students who consistently struggle at school know this feeling all too well. They fall behind, become [...]


New Year, New Student

With a new year comes a new semester and an opportunity to correct below-average grades through a refreshed, positive mindset. Improving students’ grades is most easily achieved and maintained when it is approached as a team effort. Parents offer motivation and guidance, while a private tutor provides the extra push and one-on-one support. Involved teachers will know that students have [...]


ACT Test Prep

We understand how intimidating the process of ACT test prep can be, and that test anxiety is a real hindrance for many students. Since 2007, Raise the Grade Tutoring has helped hundreds of students achieve their maximum potential, and test scores, by working with their strengths. Rather than navigating an online course or scanning a lengthy prep book, our individualized [...]


Homework Help Around The Holidays – And All Year Long!

The holidays are a wonderful time, filled with great food, family and friends, warm fireplaces, cool snowmen, and as much hot chocolate as you can handle. However, all of these fun things combined can create a bit of a distraction for your student. Suddenly, homework is pushed aside so your child can attend the school’s holiday pageant, the community charity [...]


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences play a vital role in tracking a student’s academic success. We all live busy lives, and at times may think they’re an inconvenience, but parents should strive to make the most of these meetings. The insights gained relating to a child’s academic progress are invaluable. Outlined below are three tips to help guide you when meeting with [...]



When most people hear “college entrance exam” they immediately think of the ACT, but the SAT test can be equally important because it is also readily accepted by colleges and universities across the country. Although the ACT is more popular with students here in the Midwest, it never hurts to show the initiative and take both the SAT and ACT. [...]


The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Contrary to what most parents might think, there’s a lot more to school than homework, tests, and essays. School is a place to make friends, develop social skills, and spark new interests. One of the best ways to achieve this is by getting involved in extracurricular activities.   The Social Side A great way for students to de-stress after a [...]