Is Summer Tutoring Right For Your Child?

//Is Summer Tutoring Right For Your Child?

We’ve been conditioned in Wisconsin to believe that winter is always around the corner, but we can now safely say it – summer is here. Whether your kids are already out of school or finishing up their final exams and end of the year school projects, there’s no denying that everyone will be in vacation mode in just a couple of weeks. While it’s important for students to take some time to relax after working so hard during the school year, making sure that your children keep learning all year round is vital.


The “Summer Slide”

It’s a scary statistic, but students lose the equivalent of an entire month of learning when they take their summer break, and it can be worse when you look at individual subjects. More than 2.5 months of math skills and two months of reading skills are lost during the “summer slide,” according to the National Summer Learning Association. Even worse, this summer slide begins to take effect in first grade, and by the end of sixth grade, students that have experienced summer after summer of learning loss can fall behind their peers by almost two full years. Thankfully, there is an easy fix – summer tutoring.


Success With Summer Tutoring

Two to three hours of tutoring per week during the summer can prevent students’ learning loss, and can set your child way above average when school resumes in the fall. Keeping a well-rounded focus on your child’s learning during the summer not only helps to ensure he or she is ready to pick up right where the school year left off, but it also encourages academic advancement, helps improve information retention, and builds confidence.


Raise The Grade Can Help

While you may be happy with your student’s grades this past year, there are still gains to be made and, more importantly, leaning losses to be prevented. Summer is a great time to start thinking about math and reading remediation, ACT or SAT prep, helping your child aim for the National Honors Society, or simply maintaining his or her learning levels for success during the next school year. At Raise The Grade, we have a team of summer tutors who are ready to jump in and help your student. Whatever your child’s goals may be, we have a perfect tutor for the job.