Starting the School Year Strong

//Starting the School Year Strong

While your children may still be in summer mode at this time of transition, it’s important to encourage them to start the new school year with their best foot forward. Here are three easy tips to help your student start this academic year strong.

madison wisconsin tutoring teaching goal setting1) Stay organized. Being organized is fundamental to academic achievement. Organizing paperwork and folders for each class will save your child time and eliminate confusion. Using a planner ensures he or she never misses a test or assignment and is a helpful tool for goal setting and anticipating future events. Staying organized also helps to prevent the habit of procrastination and keeps them prepared and confident for future projects.

2) Set goals to achieve results. It doesn’t matter how big or small your child’s goals are. The practice of goal-setting will aid in their academic journey and beyond. Setting goals helps to build and maintain a proactive homework schedule. After nightly assignments, make it a goal to spend 15 minutes preparing your child for next week’s test. Challenging him or her to go beyond the minimum workload once a week helps to solidify your child’s learning and will greatly aid during test time.

3) Practice healthy habits. We all know it’s essential to eat a balanced meal and exercise regularly, but often times we forgot the importance of a regular sleep schedule. Have you ever noticed how sleep deprivation affects test performance? Proper rest is vital to keeping a student’s mind sharp and alert during the school day. Likewise, eating a balanced diet and staying active gives them the fuel and relaxation for academic achievement.