Welcome Back from Raise the Grade Tutoring!

//Welcome Back from Raise the Grade Tutoring!

The beginning of another school year is always an exciting time. Friends reunite, fall is in the air, and the homework begins.


private tutoring in madison WisconsinSince 2007, we’ve noticed a common theme here at Raise the Grade Tutoring. Thinking summer will last forever, and the start of the new semester is always smooth sailing, students fail to anticipate their workload increasing exponentially. Thus, they’re forced to kick things into overdrive or they’re stuck playing catch-up for months.


For those students who are prone to procrastination, we are here to help. Working with a Raise the Grade tutor this fall can set the pace for a student’s academic achievement and ensure a successful 2016-17 school year.


With another academic year comes new possibilities. As always, we can’t wait to continue working with the many talented and enthusiastic students of Dane County.