Our Philosophy

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Our philosophy is simple – when students truly understand they feel more confident, which allows them to enjoy learning and achieve their academic goals.

Raise The Grade believes in the learning potential of every student. We can be the missing link between your child and academic success. With today’s large classrooms and the high demands on teachers, many students do not receive the individual attention they need. Our experienced tutors work one-on-one with each student to strengthen weak areas and reinforce natural aptitudes. In each session, Raise the Grade tutors use their expertise and experience to address the current curriculum needs of the student, a strategy that accelerates progress in school.

Private tutoring is a valuable investment in a child’s future. Investing in educational success today will pay dividends through access to better colleges and educational funding such as grants, scholarships and financial aid. By focusing on the process of learning, one-on-one tutoring helps students learn valuable problem-solving strategies that help them become lifelong learners. The academic achievement, self confidence and positive attitude toward learning that results from tutoring helps children succeed in an increasingly competitive world.