private tutor with student

It’s simpler than you think to get your child the help they need now in school!


Are there any assessment tests or long term contracts required before being tutored?
No. Expensive assessment tests, often costing several hundred dollars, are only required in a learning center environment. These are never a prerequisite for your child to be tutored by a Raise The Grade tutor.


How is Raise The Grade Tutoring Service different from a learning center?
Our highly qualified tutors travel to wherever you want your child to be tutored – your home, business, or public library. This is at your convince and according to your schedule. You don’t have to interrupt your day to take them to another activity. Raise The Grade tutors are highly qualified, dedicated, and friendly. Careful attention has been made to match your child’s academic needs and personality to the best tutor, which is not the case in a franchised learning center. Learning centers typically place one teacher with several students so there is not always individual attention for your child. Finally, our tutors work from your child’s current school curriculum, not some predetermined program that may not relate at all to what your child is doing in school. ¬†Our tutors strive to elevate your child’s academic status in school as quickly as possible, thereby increasing confidence and self-esteem.


Does Raise the Grade Tutoring Service supply learning materials for tutoring sessions?
At times, our tutors may supply supplemental materials if it compliments what your child is learning in school. However, we expect that your child will bring to their tutoring sessions any school textbooks or other materials that relate to the subject(s) we are tutoring them in. Although we do not provide a curriculum, we can help you attain needed materials from your child’s school, or direct you to where you can purchase helpful books and other resources.


Does tutoring always take place in my home?
We will come to you at your convenience! Tutoring can take place in your home or in a public location such as a library or coffee shop. For in home tutoring, however, we require that a parent or guardian over the age of 21 be present in the home during the entire tutoring session.


What are your tutor’s qualifications?
Our tutors are full-time licensed teachers, substitute teachers, retired teachers, university graduate students, or honors college students. All tutors have at least two years on one-on-one and/or small group tutoring experience. We personally interview each tutor and use great care in selection. References, employment, and background checks are all verified.


What is the waiting time to get a tutor working with my child?
After our discussion about your child’s needs, we will immediately contact the best tutor for your child. Our goal is to place the best tutor with your child within 48 hours of your initial call. The tutor we select will then call you to introduce themselves, arrange a tutoring schedule that’s mutually workable, and get directions to your home.


Are there a minimum number of sessions for which I have to commit?
No, we do not require long-term contracts. However, we strongly suggest a minimum of four sessions in order to really see progress with your child. Twice weekly sessions have the most immediate impact on a child’s success in school.


What if my child doesn’t like the tutor?
We take great care to match the best tutor with your child. If you do not agree after the first session, you will not be charged and we will provide you with a new tutor.


How long is each tutoring session?
The minimum amount of time for a session is one hour. Sessions may be longer, however, depending on the child’s needs, the parent’s request, and the tutor’s availability.


What if I have more than one child and want them tutored simultaneously?
We always recommend one-on-one tutoring, as we believe this to be most effective for students. We will consider tutoring two or more students together under certain circumstances. Please ask us about the most cost effective way to meet your needs when more than one child is involved.


Do your tutors work with children who have learning disabilities and special needs?
Absolutely! Many of our tutors are certified in Special Education and will be able to follow along with your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). We have tutors who are experienced working with children who have dyslexia, ADD, and other conditions that make learning difficult.


Can you help parents who wish to home school?
Yes, we can help parents negotiate this often confusing process when they first make the decision to home school. We can also provide certified teachers or credentialed tutors for any age subject depending on which type of home school program is being conducted.


Do you tutor college students?
We have tutors who are very competent to tutor college level courses. Requests for college level tutoring are increasing, and we can provide an experienced, credentialed teacher on campus or in a local public library.


Do you provide college entrance test preparation (ACT and SAT exams)?
We can help your student prepare for both exams. We highly recommend that you contact us at least 8 weeks prior to the exam so that the tutor will have enough time to prepare the student adequately. Our experience has shown that two or more sessions per week are most effective with this type of tutoring. Rates for college test prep are slightly higher than hourly rates for general tutoring.


Do your tutors work with foreign students who need English training?
Yes, we have expert tutors in this area, and many of them are ESL certified. These tutors have worked with many people of many nationalities who want to learn English, improve their English, or who need to pass the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) in order to study in America.


What geographical areas do you serve?
We currently have tutors available in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area and most of Dane County. If you are not in this area but live within a reasonable distance, please contact us and we will do our best to find you the right tutor.


How do I get started?
Please contact us at 608-658-5002 or email us at info@raisethegradetutoring.com. We will set up a complimentary in-home or phone consultation. This is simply an informal meeting with you and your child. Please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards, and testing results (if applicable) available for this meeting. Following your decision to get additional help for your child, the best tutor will be contacting you within 48 hours!